ClipStoreVideo Clips for Sale

With Webstream ClipStore you can upload and sell videos directly from your website. Simply upload a video, set the thumbnail, title, description and price and Webstream do the rest. Webstream take your video and convert it into all the relevant formats so it can be purchased and played back on any device including mobiles and tablets.

Videos are stored on our secure servers with the very best encryption technology. Your videos couldn’t be safer and will only ever be viewed by paying customers.

  • 75% payouts ... ALWAYS
  • Set your own prices, thumbnails, description for each video clip
  • Change the layout to display the video clips in different ways to suit your specific tastes
  • Video clips can be played on all device including tablets and mobiles
  • Payouts every 7 days on request
  • Payouts by Bank Transfer or Pre Paid Master Card ®
  • Online account for detailed reporting, revenue and payouts accessible 24/7

For more information, visit https://www.webstream.co.uk/clipstore.html

Studio Accounts

With a studio account you can have multiple performers uploading and selling videos directly from your HornyDesigns website. A studio account allows you to set individual commission splits between performer and studio and we provide all the necessary statistics to run a successful agency.

For more information about Webstream studio accounts, visit www.webstream.co.uk/studios.html