We have been in the escort industry now since 2006 building escort agencies through our sister company, ESCORTFX. We have helped over 100 agencies build a website, build a brand and build very profitable companies. We have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to the workings of the escort industry and we want to pass that knowledge on.

This blog will hopefully help new and existing escort agencies in building a successful company as well as staying within the boundaries of the UK law.

New Blog Section Added to HornyDesigns

7th Dec 2016

We have now added a new blog section to every HornyDesigns website. Use the blog as your website news section to post up blogs about anything you like.

Brand new London Escorts Directory

7th Dec 2016

With the every growing population of escort agencies in London we thought it about time we put together an escort directory specifically for the London area.

What is SEO and should I use an Escort SEO company?

7th Dec 2016

We strongly suggest a large social presence and some clever article writing across relevant blog sites. Taking advantage of all the free escort directories is also very beneficial before employing an seo company. Here we explain a bit more about seo, what's needed, what's not needed and whether it's something you can do yourself.

Choosing the right escort directories to advertise with

7th Dec 2016

There are so many escort directories to advertise on. You need to make sure you advertise on as many free directories as possible and only spend money on the directories that work for your agency. Here's some tips and tricks to picking the right escort directories for your business.

10 Top Tips for Escort Agencies

7th Dec 2016

We have never run an escort agency website, but we have been building escort agency websites since 2006. Over the years we have gained a huge amount of knowledge on how successful agencies become successful. At the same time we have seen the mistakes that escort agencies have made and can pass our teachings on to our customers.

Using Social Media for your Escort Agency

7th Dec 2016

Does social media have an impact on my search engine positions? Will social media bring my escort agency more traffic and clients? As an escort agency can i use social media website? These are all very good questions and we think social media should play a very important role in your escort agency website.

Web Design for Escort Agencies

7th Dec 2016

There are so many important factors to consider when choosing your escort agency web design company. There are also many factors to consider before even setting up the website; the domain name, reliable servers, branding and much more. We have picked some of the most important things to consider when setting up an escort agency website.

How to stay within the Law when running an Escort Agency

7th Dec 2016

There are hundreds of escort agencies in the UK which never have a problem with legal issues. There are certain things that are ilegal and can get an escort agency in trouble. Whether you are a new escort agency or an existing one, it's worth reading this guide to make sure you stay as legal as possible.

Advice on setting up an escort agency

7th Dec 2016

So you're thinking of setting up an escort agency? Setting up an agency can be quite simple as the overheads are very minimal as long as you do it right. We can also show you the best way to recruit escorts and the best way to register your company.