Web Design for Escort Agencies

7th Dec 2016

A catchy domain name

Choosing the right domain name is very important. You want it to be short and sweet, easy for people to remember. Try staying away from having hyphens in the domain name such as your-escort-agency-name.com. Trust me, when a client calls up from an advert they have seen and you are trying to give the client your website address, you’ll be glad you didn’t have hyphens in the domain name. Having your keywords in your domain name doesn’t give the kind of boost in the search engines that it used to. It does still act as a relevancy signal but quite low down in the list of what Google is looking for. Our advice is to come up with a good company name and make sure you can get the .com and your local TLD such as .co.uk. This will also deter anyone else from using your website address when you become a popular escort agency.

Escort Agency Domain Name

Bespoke Design

If you are serious about running an escort agency then you need a website. You also need a website that stands out from other escort agency websites. The website also needs to be easy to navigate. Clients won't use your website if it’s hard to use. Clients should be able to get to what they are looking for within a few clicks, if that’s too difficult they will find another website. The website needs to be fluid, fluid means the website looks good across all devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Over 30% of online traffic is now coming from mobile and tablet devices.

Eye catching logo and branding

Every industry has competition and the aim of the game is to stand out from the crowd. Your logo is something that will identify your agency over the competition. It needs to be different, it needs to stand out and be the same across all of the other websites you advertise on, this is known as brand recognition. For example, if i said Nike you automatically think of their tick. If i said CompareTheMarket you automatically think of their funny meerkat adverts. We would highly recommend creating a bespoke logo with a sexy image in the background of your website header. The image should be something that no other agency is using and something that makes an impression. Whenever you advertise on other directories or across social media websites, carry this branding on.

Escort Agency Branding

Fast, efficient, reliable servers

A server is just like a computer that has your website files on. Usually the server is based in a data centre and maintained 24 hours a day. The server is so important to your business, if it stops working, so does your website. You should always ask questions about your server.

  • Find out whether it’s dedicated to your web design company
  • Find out what data centre it’s in
  • Ask what the IP address is so you can see what other websites are on that server
  • Find out how much disk space and bandwidth you have

If the server isn’t purely used by your web company it means that the server has thousands of other website on. The more people using the server the bigger the risk of attacks. The data centre should be recognised to make sure it’s being maintained properly. If some of the hardware fails you want to know that it’s being maintained 24 hours a day to fix these issues. By getting the IP address you can actually do a lookup on Google to see all the other sites on the server. If it’s more than a few hundred websites the server may run a lot slower and effect your customers viewing the website.

Escort Agency Servers

Quick and easy communication with your web design company

No matter how website savvy you may be you will always need to speak with your web designer. If your web designer doesn’t have a direct line and likes to do everything by email, alarm bells would ring for me. You want to make sure that if anything is broken on your website or your website is running slow you can phone and have a chat with your web company.

An easy to manage website with CMS

This is very important, as your escort agency grows you will be removing and adding escorts on a daily basis. You need to make sure you can manage this yourself, night and day. If you have to wait for your web designer to make changes and he has 50 odd clients, you could be waiting a long time. With a well put together CMS (content management system) you should be able to change every aspect of your website including design features, whenever you like, how ever you like.

Final thoughts

We think all the above are equally important to running a successful escort agency website. With a HornyDesigns Agency Pro website builder we are here every step of the way to help make your website a success. We can help you choose the right domain name, design your escort agency website, create your brand and logo and we guarantee our servers are super fast, reliable, maintained and dedicated to just our customers. Our CMS is simply amazing, not only can you manage your escort profiles but you can also change any aspect of the websites design and best of all you can always contact us by email, by telephone or even pop down to our offices in Purley. Make the right decision and you can run a successful escort agency, make the wrong decision and you’re just left with expenses.