Using Social Media for your Escort Agency

7th Dec 2016

Can I use Social Media Sites as an escort agency?

The short answer is yes. Some sites you will need to obey their terms when posting up mature content. Twitter is fine to post any type of image as they don’t seem to have restrictions. Other social media websites such as Facebook and Google Plus we would advise only lingerie images of escorts i.e. no breast and no nudity. Refrain from posting information relating to sexual services. Your posts should talk about the escort, what she looks like and what she’s like as a person without referring to any sexual services. Posts should always include the url to the escorts profile in your escort agency. Google plus is a bit hit and miss, we have agency clients who have been using this social media site for years without any problems. Other customers have joined, added their agency as a page and then been suspended a few weeks later. Give Google Plus a go but if you get suspended, draw a line under it and move on.

What are the benefits of using social media websites?

Social media sites get tons of traffic. By being very social across the major networks your escort agency is reaching a much larger audience. By continually posting and updating your social pages you will attract more followers and more likes. These followers could potentially turn into clients and become regulars. Google and well positioned escort directories will always be your biggest source of traffic but, over the past few years we have seen more and more traffic visit escort agencies through social media sites.

Is social media going to bring me customers?

Yes, let’s take Twitter for example; if you were to post up a tweet introducing a new escort and people reshare that tweet you are also reaching their audience as well. This applies across all social media websites, the more interesting your posts, the more people are going to reshare it with their followers. As an example, HornyDesigns Facebook page has over 12,000 likes, when we create a new post we reach out to 12,000 people, if they then comment on the post or reshare it we then reach their audience as well. This is powerful stuff and can make a huge difference to new and existing escort agencies.

Does Social Media affect my search engine positions?

Yes, despite what seo companies may tell you, social media has a big impact on your search engine positions. Over the past year, Google has moved away from ranking websites based on how many link backs a website has. In fact, Google actually penalises websites for having mass text links across websites. By using social media sites and posting useful and interesting content you are actually contributing to the internet. Google can see how many people are following and sharing your content and whether or not you are deemed as a popular contributor. Social media is not the only signal when determining your search engine positions, there are 100’s of other factors that Google takes into consideration. We do know that Google will favour sites that are socially active though, it just makes sense.

Escort Agencies and Social Media

How much Social Media should I do?

As much as you can, just don’t stop. Write articles on your website, create a blog. Sign up to at least 5 social media sites, add lot’s of interesting and useful content. This is the way to create a brand name and stand out from the other escort agencies. It’s not easy and can even turn into a full time job. In the long term it’s worth employing someone part time to create your articles as well as keep your social media pages up to date. It’s no good employing someone until you have mastered it yourself though.