New Blog Section Added to HornyDesigns

7th Dec 2016

At HornyDesigns, we like to listen to our clients, it's the only way to keep improving our system. Over the past few months we've been asked several times for a blog section. So, true to our word, a few months later we've added a blog section to every HornyDesigns website builder. Keep reading to find out how the blog system works...

From your admin panel click "Pages, Forms" and you will notice a new page has appeared called "Website Blog". As with all the pages you can rename this and also tick whether you want it displayed in the top navigation bar or the side panel. To start adding to the blog simply click the "Edit" button and a new popup will appear for you to start adding in your blogs. We have also created a side panel widget that will display your last 5 blog entries.

When you create a blog you can click the edit button which drops down a box for you to add a thumbnail image as well as a short description of the blog. This information will be show on the main blog page and will list all your blog entries in date order (newest at the top). You will also see a button called "Edit Full Content". Click this button to be directed to the blog opage in which you can write the full blog using our content editor.

Just like any other page you can click the "Meta Tags" icon in order to set the pages Meta title and description.

We really hope you like our new adition to HornyDesigns, if you need any help please don't hesitate to get in contact.