How to stay within the Law when running an Escort Agency

7th Dec 2016

Please note that our expertise when running an escort agency are very much based on our knowledge in the UK. All countries have different laws and we would always advise you to get proper legal advice if you have an issues. The information below should only be taken as a guide and does not constitute as legal advice.

How to stay within the Law when running an Escort Agency

An escort agency is a booking service

An escort agency is simply a booking service that provides introductions. The agency receives calls from clients wishing to book an escort. The booking is made for time and companionship, anything that goes on after that is nothing to do with the agency, it’s between two consenting adults. All escorts that work for your escort agency are independent escorts, they set their own hours and have the right to accept or turn down bookings.

All Escorts in the UK must be over 18

It is perfectly legal for someone in the UK to be an escort but there are some provisos; the escort needs to be over 18 in order to be an escort. If an escort applies to your agency and you suspect she is under age, it’s not unreasonable to ask for ID like a passport or driving license. The legal consequences of having an under escort on your website are unimaginable, let alone unethical and immoral. Paid sex with a minor could constitute as rape, if it can be proven that your agency provided the introduction then you’re part of that.

Only work with escorts that have work visas in the UK

As i said before being an escort in the UK is legal but another proviso is having a work visa. The UK is part of the European Union which means any person from an EU country is allowed to work freely in the UK without any visa’s. People from outside the EU need to have work visa’s in order to work in the UK, this also includes escorts. There is a really stupid law that stipulates escort agencies providing work for escorts without work visa’s can be charged with trafficking. People Trafficking is a serious charge and could result in a prison sentence. Bottom line, if an escort applies to your agency, ask what country they’re from. If it’s outside the EU, ask for their work visa.

Let the escorts organise their own drivers

We may be a little paranoid here but the escorts advertised on your agency are supposed to be independent. Any involvement past making the booking could constitute as controlling prostitution. We know many agencies that provide drivers for appointments and we have never seen any criminal charges brought about by this. If charges were brought about for something else though, this may not help the cause.

Escorts should sort out their own accommodation

Again a ridiculous law but by providing accommodation you are classed as controlling prostitution. It also get’s a little more serious with running escort flats as they could charge you with brothel keeping. Two escorts are legally allowed to work from the same premises but if that premises is owned or rented by someone else who profits from their work then it’s called brothel keeping. All escorts applying to your escort agency should have their own accommodation, if they ask you to help sort something out, make sure you don’t pay the rent or mortgage.

Escorts should be paid directly by the customer

By the agency taking the money the first and then paying the escort, in the eyes of the law, again it’s controlling prostitution. The escort should always take the money for the booking and the escort agency should then ask for their booking fee at a later stage.

Escorts decide when they work for your agency

As the escorts working for an agency are completely independent (self employed), they should determine when they work and when they don’t. Obviously you can suggest the best working hours for your agency but by dictating hours, effectively the escorts are employees and you are, wait for it….. Controlling prostitution.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds of escort agencies in the UK which have been operating online for over 10 years without any trouble at all. It’s only when you get to involved that trouble could come knocking. The UK abolished the law some time ago that stated you can’t profit from prostitution. In the past this was the main law that could find an escort agency in the firing line of the crown prosecution service. With that law changed, running an escort agency as far as we are concerned is completely legal as long as you do it professionally and responsibly. Follow the guidelines above and you can run a very successful and lucrative escort agency without any trouble.