Choosing the right escort directories to advertise with

7th Dec 2016

Finding the right escort directories

To find the right directories to advertise with, you need to think like a punter. What would your punters type into Google to find your agency? For example if i am running an escort agency based in London, you could pretty much bet your punters would be typing “London Escorts” into Google. They may also type “London escort agency”, “escorts in London” etc etc. Now you have established your punters keywords, type these into Google and see which Directories are on the first page. These are the directories you should advertise with as they get the most exposure to your keyword searches. Not rocket science, just common sense.

Escort directory positions

Free escort directories

Advertise in as many free directories as you can. The more exposure on the Internet the more traffic you will get to your website. There are so many free directories you can take advantage of. In fact, most directories will let you add your escorts for free. You can then normally purchase advertising across their website that will offer more exposure like home page profiles and featured banners. Try and vary your escort agency information from directory to directory, Google is looking for fresh new content that links back to your website. Not the same old text you use everywhere.

Paid escort directories

If a directory wants to charge for advertising your agency ask yourself two questions; Are my competition paying to be on here and what’s their exposure in the search engines for my website keywords. If none of your competition are paying to advertise on the directory chances are it’s not worth it. If they don’t appear in the search engines for your keywords then chances are they won't be driving much traffic to your website.

Track your return on investment

You need to track how many visitors these directories are passing through to your website, otherwise how will you know what's working for you. If you don’t track where your visitors are coming from, you could be paying for directory advertising which isn’t working, basically throwing good money down the drain that could be invested into other, more profitable advertising. To track your visitors you can use a free piece of software like Google Analytics. With Google Analytics installed on your website you will be able to track where every visitor came from i.e. a directory or through a Google search. By seeing how many visitors a directory sends you each month you can judge whether you should pay to advertise with them.

Track your website visitors

Final Thoughts

If you’re paying for directory advertising and you feel you’re not getting enough traffic, tell them. See if you can negotiate better prices for the advertising or see if you can get extra advertising for a cheaper price. If something’s not working then there is no point in paying for it. Also try and ask your punters where they found you when they contact you for a booking. Most clients will probably just say the Internet but you may get some punters that know the directory name. This can also be a good source of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Also 30% of website traffic is now coming from tablets and mobiles so the directories should have a good mobile view to their website.