Advice on setting up an escort agency

7th Dec 2016

The Basic Needs of an Escort Agency

To start an escort agency there are 3 basic things you must have; a good website, mobile phone and a receptionist no more, no less. If you have these 3 in place you are ready to start your escort agency business.

Keep Costs to a Minimum

We have met so many people that want to start an escort agency. A lot of people think they need an office, several land line phone numbers and several receptionists. This is not the case! Why spend money before you have made any? An office is a complete waste of money as you won’t have clients coming to see you; they want to book your girls. Having a load of landlines and several receptionists sounds great but we have never setup an agency that have suddenly started getting hundreds of bookings in the first few months, this takes time. Your money is far better spent on marketing the website in order to bring in those bookings.

Finding the Escorts

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Our best advice in recruiting escorts is to visit escort website directories and search for independent escorts in the area you are trying to target. Contact the escorts by email, not by phone and introduce your company. Make sure you email them from your escort agency email address and link to your escort agency website in the email. You will find that once you have several escorts on your website, the rest will follow in suit. Make sure you don’t email any escort agencies as you don’t want to upset the competition, their email address is usually a good give away.

SEO, Social Media and Advertising

As a new agency I would forget about SEO especially if you are setting up your agency in a major City such as London. Trying to compete for page 1 Google positions for keywords such as “London Escorts” is a non starter. Hundreds of agencies are already competing and you have only just joined the race. Spend your money on advertising instead. Most escort directories let you add all your escorts for free and then you pay to feature them on the home page or top of their category listings. To find the right directories, type into Google keywords that you think your clients would type. The directories that show up on the first few pages are the directories you want to advertise on as they have the most exposure. With regards to social media, jump on it head first. Firstly it’s free and secondly websites like Twitter, Google Plus and FaceBook provide you with a massive audience.

Dealing with Escorts

All escort agencies work slightly differently and we can only advise on what we know but the usual course of action is a commission split or in other words a booking fee. The booking fee most agencies charge is 30% so if an escort goes on an hour booking for £150 the agency would receive £50 for the introduction.

Advice on setting up an escort agency

Dealing with Money

The escort should always deal with the money. The escort will take the money directly from the customer and the agency will keep a tally of all bookings the escort has received. At the end of the week the agency would arrange to collect the money from the escort either in cash or by bank transfer.

Setting Up a Company and Paying Tax

Even running an escort agency you need to register as a company. To keep things simple with regards to tax, setup as a sole trader (self employed). This really simplifies the amount of work when paying your taxes and declaring your profits. To setup the bank account simply take a letter head with your company name on it to the bank along with a passport and proof of address. Make sure you call your company something sensible as you don’t really want to alert anyone to the fact it’s an escort agency. A lot of agencies will use the word “entertainment”.