10 Top Tips for Escort Agencies

7th Dec 2016

A fast and reliable website server

Make sure your server company have a dedicated server, maintained 24 hours a day in a data centre. If your escort agency website goes down, so does your business.

A bespoke website design

You need to stand out from the crowd, make a long lasting impression on your visitors to make sure they come back again for future escort bookings. With a bespoke website and professional website you will make the right impact on your visitors.

Always meet the escorts you work with

You are advertising escorts on your website and spending time building up a professional image. If an escort provides fake photography it will soon damage your reputation. Some escorts will send you pictures that vaguely resemble them. We have seen escort agencies put up images of famous models because they have not met the escort and just taken her word that the pictures are hers. Also at some stage you will need to collect money from the escorts so it’s worth building a professional relationship from the start.

Meet Escorts You Work With

Get photo ID where you think it’s needed

If an escort looks under age, she probably is. If you advertise the escort and she turns out to be under 18 you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. If a girl is outside the EU make sure she has work visas to be in the UK otherwise again, this could land you in trouble.

Only work with reliable escorts

Hopefully, as an escort agency business you want to portray the best image you can. Reliability is key to running a successful and lucrative escort agency. If an escort agrees to bookings and cancels or she keeps turning down your bookings there is no point in having the escort in your website. Reputation is massive in this industry and with so many review sites, messing around a client with no-show appointments could be very damaging.

Collect your money on a weekly basis

We would always recommend collecting your booking fees on a weekly basis. If you let the money acrue and the escort becomes unreachable for whatever reason you lose out.

Do as much social media as you can

Promote your company across all the social media websites you can. The bigger your presence online, the bigger your targeted audience and the more traffic your site will receive. Blog, post, comment, upload as much information as you can and always link back to your website. For more information visit: Using Social Media for your Escort Agency.

Advertise in as many free directories as possible

There are so many escort directories popping up all over the place. Most directories will let you upload your entire profile of escorts for free, you would then just pay for featured advertising. The free listings are great even if you don’t come up at the top of their directory as Google will recognise this as more popularity. Only pay for directories that are worth paying for. If the directory doesn’t come up on Google for your keywords, it  ain't worth advertising on.

Once profitable, register as a company

You don’t need to setup a company immediately and as with starting any business you will have a lot to do before you know whether this will work for you. Once you have established the agency website and money starts to come in regularly, then you can set up as a company. You can back date the company to when you started making money as well.

Use Google Analytics to track your visitors

You should always track where your visitors are coming from. You want to know whether your website is performing well in Google, and what keywords people are finding you for. Google analytics also shows how many visitors you get from other websites such as directories. This is great as you can see which directories are working for you and which aren’t. You can then streamline your advertising spend to only pay for directories that actually work and don’t just take your money. You will also be able to track how well your social media is going and whether the type of posts you make are urging people to click through to your website.

Track Your Visitors

Final Thoughts

We have never run an escort agency website, but we have been building escort agency websites since 2006. Over the years we have gained a huge amount of knowledge on how successful agencies become successful. At the same time we have seen the mistakes that escort agencies have made and can pass our teachings on to our customers. We wont give away any top secrets but we will offer our guidance in creating the best escort agency for all our customers.

Knowledge is power